Welcome to the Home of the San Antonio Wolverines

In Memory of Coach Tony Alfaro (1943-2007) Who will always be "The Wolverine"

Welcome to the Home of the San Antonio Wolverines

                 In Memory of Coach Tony Alfaro(1943-2007) Who Will Always Be "The Wolverine"

Why Be A Wolverine?
We are honored to be chosen to make an impact in your children's lives.  Our coaches will help guide your child into leaders, team players and outstanding members of our community

  • OUR head coaches are CPR/First Aid Qualified! (ALL)
  • OUR head coaches are USA Football Certifed! (FOOTBALL)
  • OUR Head Coaches are KSN Cheer Coach Certified (CHEER)
  • OUR Head Coaches are YFBCA Coach Certified! (FOOTBALL)
  • OUR Head Coaches are National Pop Warner Cheer Coach Certified! (CHEER)
  • OUR Head Coaches are members of the Youth Football Coaches Association! (FOOTBALL)


We understand that making the decision of where your child will play and cheer in the upcoming season isn't taken lightly, as we are parents ourselves.  That is why we are dedicated to bring the best qualified coaches to our organization.


The San Antonio Wolverines Booster Club was established as a 501c3 not-for-profit organization with the purpose of: Firmly implanting in the youth of the community, regardless of sex, race, color, religion, creed or national origin, the ideas of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, and reverence so that they may grow to become good, clean, healthy, productive citizens.  To provide youth an organization to play under responsible adult supervision, with the safety of the child being of utmost importance, and free of personal adult ambition and glory.  It is further the goal of this body to create a feeling of good will and cooperation between itself and all other clubs and federations connected with youth programs which the SAWBC may be associated.